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“Cruelty-free” eggs – guest blog post at Granville Online

I have a new guest blog post over on the Granville Online blogs. It’s basically a look into whether it’s possible to really have “cruelty-free” eggs. I look at the issues of hens in battery cages, the hidden costs of organic and cage-free systems, and the cruelties of backyard hens. The truth is there are

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Respect for animals

I’ve been wondering a lot lately about people who say that they love animals and respect them, but then eat them. How does this work? Are they just using these words to mean something other than what I think they mean? Love would seem to indicate that they care at least as much for the

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An (un)pleasant childhood memory

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When I was young I watched a cow get artificially inseminated. What I remember is that the vet came to our house and put on a shoulder length black rubber glove. He lubricated his arm and then stuck it all the way up the cow’s butt. For some reason I can’t remember clearly past that

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Vegans and birth defects? Get real.

A study recently published in the journal Pediatrics concluded that B12 deficiencies are associated with increased risk for neural tube defects. The study was done on blood samples taken in Ireland more than twenty years ago from pregnant women who came from a region where birth defects were common. The women were chosen specifically because

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Backyard chickens – a bad idea

Vancouver city council is considering allowing Vancouver residents to keep chickens. While I realize that some people will keep chickens and care for them properly, I fear that most will not. Here are my reasons for opposing this motion: There are already welfare concerns with the keeping of the animals who are currently allowed, such