“Cruelty-free” eggs – guest blog post at Granville Online

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“Cruelty-free” eggs – guest blog post at Granville Online

I have a new guest blog post over on the Granville Online blogs.

It’s basically a look into whether it’s possible to really have “cruelty-free” eggs. I look at the issues of hens in battery cages, the hidden costs of organic and cage-free systems, and the cruelties of backyard hens.

The truth is there are hidden costs and cruelties to all these systems. For every hen you see subathing, there’s a rooster who got killed at only 1 day old because he was useless for producing eggs. No one rechons these costs, but it’s important to look past the surface and realize what goes on outside of our line of sight.

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Ed Coffin

April 3, 2009 at 12:56 pm

cruelty-free eggs are definitely an oxymoron

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