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Farm Sanctuary is the best place on earth

I’m in San Francisco for the Nonprofit Technology Conference (not paid for by Liberation BC), which is always nice. I came a few days early to see an old friend, and the conference started Sunday morning, so I ended up with a completely free Saturday. In an unusually compulsive act, I decided to rent a

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Earth Day recap

On Earth Day we wound up our little week-long campaign with a vegan cupcake giveaway outside of the Vancouver Art Gallery. We gave away over 500 cupcakes (and some cookies and tofurkey sausage). Thanks to Evan for baking a huge batch of ridiculously good mini vanilla cupcakes. Paul from Mojave (rockin’ good band – check’m

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An interview with Liberation BC

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Here is an interview with Roger, one of our Directors, shot at Earthsave’s Taste of Health last year. Roger, as always, speaks clearly and well about what we do and why. I probably should have posted this ages ago, when it was sent to us, but oh well. Enjoy!

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More pre-Earth Day leafleting and looking forward to summer

Out again today with the environmental info. I forgot to bring the camera so I don’t have a picture. It was just 2 of us today, at Commercial Drive skytrain station. We gave out about 400 leaflets in an hour and a half, which really surprised me, since sometimes it seemed to slow and as

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Almost Earth Day

On Wednesday we started our week-long “Meat Free Earth Day” campaign. It’s a pretty low-key campaign this year. We started with a 1 hour launch event which went pretty well. The weather was great. This afternoon we were out doing some rush hour leafleting. We gave away all of our leaflets in just an hour! 

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“Guilt-free” eating

I was just browsing through my rss feeds (which I do way too often) and I noticed one blogger had written about a recipe that was “guiltless” because it was made with only egg whites, not the yolks. I guess this means that it’s less fattening or has less cholesterol or something. But it got

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Oh right, it’s Easter!

I was sitting here wondering what to write about, and I realized that it’s Easter this Sunday. I was raised Christian and Easter was a big deal in our house. We would get up really early to go to the sunrise service (actually at sunrise). We also had easter baskets and painted easter eggs and