Almost Earth Day

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Almost Earth Day

Roger, Michelle, and me

Roger, Michelle, and me

On Wednesday we started our week-long “Meat Free Earth Day” campaign.

It’s a pretty low-key campaign this year. We started with a 1 hour launch event which went pretty well. The weather was great.

This afternoon we were out doing some rush hour leafleting. We gave away all of our leaflets in just an hour!  We’re going to be out tomorrow at Commercial Drive skytrain station, then again on Monday and Tuesday, in different locations.

The fun part comes on Earth Day, when we will be giving away free vegan mini cupcakes. I hope a lot of people come by to try the cupcakes.

Now, why are we doing all of this?

The evidence keeps mounting that animal agriculture (the production of meat, eggs, and dairy) is causing immense harm to our planet: pollution, climate change, rainforest destruction, errosion, desertification, and more.

One of the facts that blew me away was the fact that beef production is the leading cause of rainforest destruction.  Even Greenpeace has a campaign about this issue.

I also learned when doing research that it takes over 3,000 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce 1 egg, while it only takes about 160 calories of fossil fuel energy to produce a serving of tofu of the same calories. Eggs are as bad as beef! Another shocker is that cheese is about twice as bad as beef, largely because it takes so much milk (which comes from cows) to produce such a small amount of cheese.

Beef is already a massively inneficient food. Cheese is phenomenally bad. There is no way that anyone who is concerened about the environment should be eating cheese. One single serving of cheese is equal to a litre and a half of gasoline.

We’ve produced a new leaflet for the occasion. Download it and have a look.

We are hoping that many people will consider going meat-, egg-, and dairy-free this Earth Day, since it is the easiest and most effective thing we can do to help the environment.


Ed Coffin

April 17, 2009 at 2:49 am

wait, you mean driving a smart car and bringing reuseable bags to the grocery store isn’t saving the planet? surely, humane meat is good for the environment, right? LOL! Seriously, when will these people get it through their thick skulls.

michelle lauren

April 18, 2009 at 9:39 am

PETA’s Rules For Leafleting:

Rule #7: Never leaflet in sunglasses.

; )

Happy Almost Earth Day.

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