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I just saw this post from the Animal Rights blog about animal abuse. Stephanie Ernst makes the point that all animal farming is inherently abusive to animals. Please read her post: Defining Abuse (Yes, All Farmed Animals Are Abused). I would add that unnaturally confining animals and not allowing them to indulge in natural,

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Our response to the Greenest City Action Team’s preliminary report

A month or two ago, LBC, in conjuntion with several other groups, sent a letter to the newly formed Vancouver Greenest City Action Team, asking them to make recommendations that Vancouver residents reduce their consumption of animal products to help the environment. The Team just released their preliminary report (PDF) which made no mention of

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Debunking animal activists

I just came across this article about an event in Ohio: Sutton-Vermeulen will focus on the myths and misinformation from animal rights groups that are out of touch with today’s agriculture and putting our food supply at risk. He is well-know for working with non-governmental groups to help them become animal agriculture activists. The June

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Sustainability is just a start

I often hear of sustainability referred to as an end goal, as if when we reach a level of sustainability, then everything is good. In this way many questionable activities, like the seal hunt, like fish farming, like intensive farming of animals, are excused as being sustainable. However, I think that sustainability is really the

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Full stomachs, tired feet – EAT! Vancouver wrap-up

This weekend was the big EAT! Vancouver food and cooking show. It is a big show at BC Place with vendors giving out samples and selling their various products, restaurants selling food, and cooking demonstrations. I initially was really nervous about going. I was worried about arguments or conflict from the audience and from some

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What would animal rights look like?

What if we were to grant rights to animals? All of them, not just chimpanzees or whales and dolphins…. Let’s say we grant the right to life and the right to freedom to the animals who share the planet with us. What would we be doing differently? How would this affect our everyday life? I’ve

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Humpback whale rescued from prawn trap lines

Recently a humpback whale was rescued after becoming entangled in the trap lines of a prawn fisherman. A new Fisheries unit formed to save marine mammals is boasting one of its first successes after rescuing an exhausted and distressed humpback whale in Knight Inlet on the central B.C. coast. A prawn fishermen called in an

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Foie gras – part of the larger debate

A week ago the Ottawa Animal Defense League got some media coverage about their foie gras campaign. One article, Foie gras ban does little to address cruelty by Joanne Chianello ran in The Ottawa Citizen on May 10, 2009. While this was a reasonably balanced article, the closing couple of paragraphs seemed somewhat odd to

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Our Boycott Procter & Gamble event

We held an event today in honour of International Boycott Procter & Gamble Day. In case you don’t know, Procter & Gamble is a giant company that conducts huge amounts of testing on animals. Much of this testing is on cosmetics, soaps, cleaners, toothpaste, etc. Almost nothing that P&G makes can be considered a necessity.

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EPIC wrap-up

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Finally getting around to posting about our final day at EPIC. I think for the next event, unless I have a lot to tell, I’ll just wait and do one post per event. Next weekend is EAT! Vancouver which will hopefully be uneventful. I say hopefully because there are a lot of “organizations” there who