Humpback whale rescued from prawn trap lines

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Humpback whale rescued from prawn trap lines

Recently a humpback whale was rescued after becoming entangled in the trap lines of a prawn fisherman.

A new Fisheries unit formed to save marine mammals is boasting one of its first successes after rescuing an exhausted and distressed humpback whale in Knight Inlet on the central B.C. coast.

A prawn fishermen called in an alert Monday when the humpback became entangled in his trap lines.

Workers with the Department of Fisheries’ Marine Mammal Response Network, the Canadian Coast Guard and several other Fisheries employees who were in the area sprang into action attempting to save the young whale.


It is wonderful to hear that these groups all responded so quickly to save this whale. I was also very happy to hear that the fisherman reported the whale who was caught.

I have to think, though, that this whale would not have gotten caught up in these lines if there were not an insatiable appetite for prawns. If this whale had died, how much responsibilty would be on each person who takes part in the spot prawn “festivities” that happen every year around this time?

This “harvest” may be touted as sustainable, but we have now seen that it has the potential to harm some of the most magnificent endangered animals in our part of the world.

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