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Dad, what’s A-S-S? EPIC day 2

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Ok, so the title actually refers to the funniest thing that happened yesterday, but I thought it made a good title… We had a pin out that said “meat tastes like ass”, which is funny and people seem to love it. This really nice family came by with two young boys who were looking at

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EPIC Vancouver – day 1

Yesterday (Friday) was the first day of the EPIC Sustainability Expo. We have a table at the show, in what I’m calling the “non-profit ghetto”. It’s actually a nice spot, right in the center of the show, so not really a ghetto at all. We’re right next to the food displays, and right behind the

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When we left our house this morning I saw this pair of Mallard ducks on the lawn right across the street. She is sleeping with her head tucked under her wing while he keeps watch. He stayed really calm but checked us out and watched us until we were gone. I haven’t ever seen ducks

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Sustainability: what does it mean for animals

I’ve been hearing a lot about “sustainability” lately. It is a goal (“a ‘sustainable’ society”), a criticism (“that’s completely unsustainable”), and a justification (“but it’s sustainable”). Sustainability is often presented as the deciding factor in determining if an action or practice is ok. I was a bit confused about what “sustainability” actually means, so I

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How I became vegan

Run for your life, little chicken! I didn’t become vegan overnight. In fact, it was a long process, which did not start in animal rights at all. I grew up on a small homestead in Vermont. We raised some goats for milk, cows and pigs for meat, and grew a lot of our own vegetables.