Sustainability is just a start

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Sustainability is just a start

I often hear of sustainability referred to as an end goal, as if when we reach a level of sustainability, then everything is good.

foie gras protest at a restaurant praised for sustainability

foie gras protest at a restaurant praised for "sustainability"

In this way many questionable activities, like the seal hunt, like fish farming, like intensive farming of animals, are excused as being sustainable.

However, I think that sustainability is really the baseline of what we should all be doing. After sustainability comes ethics, humane treatment, caring and kindness. Sustainability is really all about meeting our essential needs without destroying the planet. Our responsibilities extend far beyond sustainability.

Often when restaurants get protested because they serve foie gras or veal their supporters excuse them by saying how great they are because they serve local foods or sustainablly caught fish. But how is this reason for praise? Isn’t this something everyone should be doing?

To me it sounds like praising someone for taking care of their family or keeping their job. Like praising them for doing something that every responsible adult should be doing.

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