I am the black crow king…

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I am the black crow king…

Ok, so not really, but I’ve always wanted to start off a post with a Nick Cave quote.

Guarding the entrance

Guarding the entrance

This morning I went out to water my garden in the front yard (it’s slowly but surely taking over what used to be grass). These two crows started screaming at me and flying threateningly at me. It was scary and weird, like the Birds.

I figured there must be a nest nearby, but I couldn’t tell where. I wasn’t too close to a tree, so I watered quickly and went back inside so that I wouldn’t keep disturbing them.

This afternoon when I got home the crows were still out there and started doing the same screaming and diving at me that they had done in the morning. I picked a few veggies and went inside. On my way in, though, I looked back out the almost closd door and saw a 3rd crow just sitting in the middle of a big tree on the other side of the front yard. She was completely still, and sitting right in an opening into the middle of the tree.

Keeping an eye on me

Keeping an eye on me

I’m guessing there is a nest in the center of this tree, and there’s a whole group of crows who are all working to protect it. Their cooperation astonished me. They’ve got their roles and jobs, and they each do what they need to. I wonder if they take shifts? I was also wondering if maybe there are multiple decoys at different trees. I’ve read that crows are amazingly smart, so I wouldn’t put much of anything past them.

There is something amazing about being able to see animals living outside of any cages or pens or fences, on their own terms, but still in the same world as us. We are a part of their world and they are a part of ours, but we can each live here.

Incidentally, crows are also a favorite of a fantastic local band that you need to check out.



June 8, 2009 at 10:38 pm

Very nice post Glenn. Crows are only a handful of birds that I grew up around in India and that I see here in Canada. We had a tree in our courtyard in India and the crows spent most of their time there (luckily they weren’t prone to attacking!). One of my favorite memories of India is flocks and flocks of parrots flying from one tree to the next.

Did you know that an old wives tale in India says that a crow cawing all day in your courtyard indicates guests are on the way?


June 11, 2009 at 12:15 pm

Ahh, the memories of crows. I recall them in some sort of live TV show where a crow was to obtain it’s food by somehow picking up this small little thing in a tin can, which actually holds the food. The crow just bent the metal clothes hanger to a designated shape….and…..bam. Just got what it needed. It was funny yet I wasn’t suprised, but content with a smile. =p

This also reminds me of my younger days as a kid, with that mean/misguided attitude, where I threw a stick of brown sugar (comes from China? Ah my mom sure loves to buy imports..) at a crow when a flock of them were raiding the whole garbage backs in my old place’s backyard.

The crow just caught that heavy stick like a joke and flew off. Ah, it’s almost been a whole decade too.

They do so many funny things, they’re nice to have around anyhow. =)


June 12, 2009 at 1:56 pm

Crows are super smart…they live in family groups and the adult offspring hang around for a few years to help their parents out with any babies that are born. And so that might be what you were seeing!

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