Animal rights vs human rights

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Animal rights vs human rights

Is there really any conflict between human rights and animal rights?

I don’t think so. Only if we regard exploiting, breeding, and killing of animals as our right do we limit our rights by granting animals rights. We used to think that allowing women to have rights would infringe on our rights as men. Perhaps it does, but we are a better society for it.

Rights are only justified as long as what we are doing does not cause any harm or suffering.

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July 26, 2009 at 2:42 pm

Slaughterhouse employees face some of the worst human rights atrocities happening today. You can learn all about it in the book/movie, “Fast Food Nation” or the new documentary, “Food, Inc.”. Going vegetarian not only saves animals but will also close down slaughterhouses, so it’s win-win for both animal rights and human rights.

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