Dancing with crows

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Dancing with crows

album-cfAs a departure from the rest of the posts so far, I’d like to write about a local-to-Vancouver band, Mojave.

As the most environmentally concerned people I’ve met in a long time, Lisa and Paul are also vegan, which makes them extra awesome.

Topping it all off, their latest album (their 2nd) is called “Crow’s Funeral”. They tell a story at their shows about crows, that when one crow dies, the rest will visit the spot where that crow died like a funeral – like they are paying their respects. The last crow to visit the spot is the dead crow’s mate (crows mate for life). This is a melancholy story, but it touches on just how intelligent crows are, how they maintain complex social relationships, and how they remember.

Mojave’s music is best described as dark folk, I think, with some rock thrown in. Most of it is acoustic, but every now and then they get a little raucous, and break out the electric guitar and distortion pedals.

I’m really terrible at describing music, so I’d suggest you check out some of their music. You can download a few songs on their website, and both of their regular albums are available on iTunes.

They will be playing a show at the Railway Club tomorrow night (July 26th) at 8:30 pm. The doors open at 7.

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July 26, 2009 at 9:26 am

you did a great job describing the music, i think i’m going to steal “dark folk” too. i hope you’re sleeping right now, 24hrs of blogging is crazy!

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