Dear Chicken Farmer: non-answers to non-questions

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Dear Chicken Farmer: non-answers to non-questions

This is another post from the Chicken Farmers of Canada blog. I wonder if they just write these things to fill space?

This one is set up as questions and answers.

The questions:

Dear Chicken Farmer:

I have several questions about chicken:

  1. What should we know about chicken?
  2. Where is chicken produced in Canada?
  3. Under what conditions are chickens raised?
  4. How is chicken processed?
  5. How is chicken transported?

Here’s the whole answer to #3 “Under what conditions are chickens raised?”:

3.    Chickens need room to roam, they need heat or cool air depending on the temperature outside, they need light, clean food and water.

That really tells me nothing about how chickens are raised. Almost all animals require clean food and water. And light? It’s interesting how they completely avoid actually answering the question (which they made up themselves).

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July 25, 2009 at 11:55 am

Hahahaha. Clean food? No way! Water? I thought chickens were made of meat “well-done”!!

What really makes me sad, though, is how one of my greatest role-models, who eats meat, told me when she came back from El Salvador that she “raised 25 chickens… in the middle of nowhere.” I was pretty sure what that meant and declined the impulse to inquire further. *sigh* She’s still among my greatest role-models, and I think that if she were vegan she’d be so influential, but the fact of her raising chickens for farming means there’s a longer way to go than I thought.

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