Frogs are Cool

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Frogs are Cool

Yes, they are.

But many of them face the fate of being dissected in classrooms across the country.

My friend Lesley has begun working again on her campaign to stop the dissection of animals in high schools. Here’s how she described the website to me:

Frogs are Cool is an online support group and resource to help you cut out animal dissection. The site is loaded with online animal-free alternatives, you can post a comment or two on the “your say” page or send your friend a link to the gross out undercover investigation of biological supply companies. If you are feeling extra ambitous, Frogs are Cool will help you pass a Student Choice Policy in your school district to protect your right to refuse animal dissection

This fall, speak out for animals and exercise your right to refuse animal dissection.

Lesley was instrumental in getting the Vancouver school board to pass a resolution making dissection optional for all students, but they have not done much work publicizing this to the students or getting teachers to tell students that they have an option.

Please check the website out and pass it along. If you know a high school student pass it on to them. Let’s make sure that students have the information they need to make informed choices.

You can also follow Lesley (@dissectionsucks) on twitter.

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