Local Organizations: Vancouver Humane Society

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Local Organizations: Vancouver Humane Society

ChickenOUT! A VHS campaign
ChickenOUT! A VHS campaign

The Vancouver Humane Society (VHS) is another Vancouver-based organizations working to help animals.

Unlike other “humane societies”, VHS was modelled on the Humane Society of the United States, and most of their works is advocating for animals. They do fund some animal rescue and emergency care, but they help animals by changing laws and opinions.They do not operate a shelter.

I think this is a good approach to helping animals. By changing the system that produces unwanted and mistreated animals, they can potentially help far more animals.

According to their website:

The Vancouver Humane Society is a registered charity dedicated to the humane treatment of animals. We encourage individuals, organizations, and governments to take responsibility for the welfare and rights of domestic animals and wildlife influenced by human activities.

One campaign that has been their focus for the past few years is ChickenOUT! This is a campaign to raise awareness of the plight of egg-laying chickens (90% of whom are confined in battery cages) and advocate for law and policy changes that protect them. They give people information about the different labelling systems in BC for eggs and help people choose a less harmful option.

ChickenOUT! has its own website, if you would like to find out more about that campaign.

VHS also has a close relationship with Rest.Q sanctuary. They put out a joint rescue calendar for 2009, and hopefully they’ll put out another one.

VHS also was very helpful in finding a home for Hank, our rescued broiler rooster, for which I am forever grateful.

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