Local orgs: Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

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Local orgs: Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy

I thought it would be fun to write about some of the local organizations doing good work for animals.

One of the first organizations I got in touch with when I came to Vancouver was Vancouver Rabbit Rescue and Advocacy (VRRA). The local chapter of the House Rabbit Society, they operate a small shelter and care for hundreds (maybe thousands) of abandoned and unwanted rabbits every year.

VRRA cares for the rabbits at the SPCA. I used to volunteer with VRRA cleaning and feeding rabbits at the SPCA, and it was actually all VRRA volunteers caring for the rabbits there.

Rabbits are the 3rd most popular pets in North America, but in shelters they are often stuck in small, poorly ventilated rooms. The SPCA in Vancouver is no exception (to be fair, that building was never designed with rabbits in mind at all – they just weren’t such popular pets when it was built).

This also of course means that rabbits are the 3rd most euthenized pets in North America. Many rabbits come into shelters each year because they are purchased as pets for small children without any knowledge of how rabbits behave or their proper care. VRRA works to educate the public about the proper care and requirements for keeping a rabbit, plus works to stop pet stores from selling rabbits.

VRRA is always in need of donations for the care and feeding of the rabbits at their shelter. They are entirely volunteer-run with no paid staff.

For those of you with rabbits, they operate a small business selling rabbit supplies. They have the best deal on hay in town ($5 per flake). They are also a great source of information about rabbits – and may even be able to save you a trip to the vet.

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