Our food choices matter

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Our food choices matter

Richard Schwartz recently posted an article on the Veg Climate Alliance website, “Global catastrophe or sustainable future?“.

A cow on a dairy CAFO

A cow on a dairy CAFO

It’s worth looking at if for nothing more that the extensive list of sources. He really looks into how exactly a shift towards a plant-based diet would reduce ghg emissions enough to give us time to solve the additional problems of transportation and energy production. It would give us some “breathing room”.

Since methane contributes a significant amount of GHGs (in CO2 equivalents) [12] and since farmed animals and their manure are by far the major source of methane, and since methane is in the atmosphere for only a short time, a major societal shift to plant-based diets would have a substantial and very rapid effect in reducing global climate change. Having major world leaders call for such a change, preferably after publicly announcing suitable changes in their own diets, could very dramatically increase awareness of the threats of global warming and the need for major dietary and other lifestyle changes. Such changes could provide some breathing space, during which other important changes could be made.

There is a lot more in there that is useful and informative. Definitely worth reading.

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