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I just saw this post on the Vegan Etsy website about all the different squirrel-themed items available.

Squirrel tattoo

Squirrel tattoo

Many, many years ago we had a squirrel who we thought had been orphaned (he probably hadn’t – and you should never pick up and bring home baby animals). We brought him home to our little studio apartment and he lived with us for a couple of weeks.

We fed him baby formula and nuts and helped him learn how to balance. We really tried not to make him too comfortable with us, since he was going to return to the wild as soon as he could manage eating and everything on his own.

We took him out to the suburbs of the city where he’d been found and let him go one day. He took off and we hope was able to make his way out there.

This is just a story I have of one time when I interacted with an animal – although it was probably a bad idea, it turned out ok in the end (at least as far as I can possibly know). The experience left us with such pleasant memories that we got squirrel tattoos as reminders of our guy, who we’d name Squirrely. I miss you Squirrely.


Barbara Doduk

July 25, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Cool tat.

One of the old men that volunteer at the Cat Sanctuary I volunteer at and am raising money for, has a “pet” racoon. He says it just showed up one day and made its self at home, even sleeps on his bed. Ain’t that something.


July 25, 2009 at 11:07 pm

Hey, I have the same tattoo! I miss Squirrely! He was such a good boy. He’d nest in our bed under the comforter while we went to work and when we came home he’d still be there. The cutest thing was when he’d hold the syringe with both his hands while we fed him baby formula. He was so adorable. He chewed on our toe nails (gross!) and ran around under the comforter while we slept at night.

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