The Diva Cup

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The Diva Cup

No, I don’t have personal experience with the Diva Cup myself, but Joanne asked me to write a post about it.

The Diva Cup is a replacement for disposable menstrual products. Combined with Lunapads (washable cloth menstrual pads), you may never have to buy disposable tampons or pads ever again. This may not seem like much, but according to the Diva Cup website:

Women, on average, experience a lifetime menstruation span of 41 years (11-52). From use of disposable feminine hygiene, an estimated 12 billion sanitary pads and 7 billion tampons are dumped into the North American environment each year (1998). More than 170,000 tampon applicators were collected along U.S. coastal areas between 1998 and 1999. Our revolutionary, reusable product is a modern, viable alternative to disposable tampons and pads.

You can also save a lot of money switching to sustainable menstrual products. Just think of all the pads and tampons you won’t be buying!

You can buy the Diva Cup and Lunapads right from Lunapads, a Vancouver-based, woman-owned small business.

While this isn’t something that will directly help animals, any steps we take to make our footprint smaller and reduce the amount of waste going into landfills will benefit all residents of this planet.



July 25, 2009 at 2:14 pm

The divacup is awesome and I would also like to recommend it!!


July 25, 2009 at 2:20 pm

A little off topic….

The above website has a really good overview about how diet effects menstruation.

Here is a quote from the site:
“The book Is Menstruation Necessary? by Wendy Harris and Forrest McDonald said that blood menstruation went away when women switched to a raw foods diet. The book (from around 1900) Mucusless Diet Healing System by Arnold Ehret says “If the female body is perfectly clean through diet, the menstruation disappears. Everyone of my female patients reported their menses as becoming less and less, followed then by a two, and four months intermission, and then finally entirely disappearing.”

–Genny: this belief is very common in the raw vegan community, and also viewed as very controversial by those outside of it.


July 26, 2009 at 12:05 am

Forgot link regarding my comment….

elan sun star

October 22, 2013 at 5:39 pm

Is Menstruation Necessary? by Wendy Harris and Forrest McDonald

I am trying to find these two gorls I knew them in the early 70’s

elan sun star
they knew Ed Kanka in Haliew Hawaii.

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