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Vegansexuals is a term that refers to vegans who only have intimate (i.e. sexual)  relationships with other vegans.

Here’s a definition from Urban Dictionary:

Extremely compassionate, passionate, and sexy people who engage in sexual acztivities with people don’t consume animals or anything that comes from an animal. They believe that engaging in sexual activities with omnivores is hypocritical, especially since they live to keep their bodies’ free of all and any animal biproducts; which are technically in any omnivore’s bodily secretions.

I can understand this idea – and I’ve been married to a vegan for over a decade. Some people claim that vegans smell different than meat-eaters. This makes sense, since what we put in our bodies affects the way we smell and the way we look.

But, I don’t think I would follow this. There are just too many non-vegans in the world to wait for the right vegan to come along.

I wasn’t a vegan when I met my wife.  I was vegetarian, but she was vegan. Over time I became vegan and now would never think of going back to being a vegetarian, let along a meat eater. If she had wanted to wait to find the perfect vegan she would have overlooked me and we never would have started our wonderful relationship.

There are a lot of great, caring, kind, and compassionate meat-eaters out there. They just haven’t realized that eating meat is inconsistent with their ideals. There are also many more issues than animal rights in the world, and some people may focus on other issues. Being in a relationship with someone like this could bring them closer to veganism, while at the same time opening you up to awareness of other issues, issues you may not have considered before.

[Thanks to Genny for this topic.]



July 25, 2009 at 11:44 am

Hehe, I agree. I would never have thought of posting a blog entry on this. In the past 9.5 months since I became vegan, I have been romantically interested in / drawn to two people. Neither is vegan. Both eat meat, something I have only inferred rather than observed, but which I’m 99.9% sure about because only meat-eaters would be as silent on the matter as that. I knew one of them well before going vegan. Both of them struck me by their remarkable capacity for love and understanding. I have *so* much to learn from each of them, have learned so much. To me, an intimate relationship absolutely has to be of overall spiritual benefit. I think that going from meat-eater to vegan, one’s capacity for love and understanding increases (for lack of better way to describe it) quantitatively more than qualitatively. I can now love and understand more beings, but the quality of that love stays more or less the same. There are some people whose love is strikingly deep… if through loving them back I could help expand the reach of that love in the same way mine was, that would be so powerful! Not that I need think of that to bow before such love. 🙂

Does it make me uneasy that they eat meat? Sure. But even as I changed, I have to have faith in those I love to find, too, a better way. _/\_


July 25, 2009 at 2:23 pm

“Dispatches From Hell: A Vegan’s Guide to Love, Sex, Relationships and Other Suicidal Tendencies” by Daniel Peyser is a really great book on this topic. Book is published by Tofu Hound Press (Bob and Jenna Torris of Vegan Freaks),


July 25, 2009 at 5:41 pm

I love your last paragraph and it really hits home. If I limited myself to veg-only dating, I would never have begun dating my now-vegetarian partner. 2 years into the relationship, he made the decision on his own to go veg – when it was right for him. In turn, I have learned a lot from him about being a good person in general.

People are complex – there are many reasons to love who you love.

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