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The duck has been named!

Sorry for taking so long with this, but we’ve finally closed the duck name poll. The winning name is “Marty Gras”! All of the results can be seen on our website. Thanks for voting. Here’s a video of Marty dancing up a storm at Justice Rocks over the weekend.

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Justice Rocks: Bringing social justice activists together (and some music)

Off-stage entertainment For the second year, Pivot hosted Justice Rocks, an afternoon of music and social activism in Strathcona Park. As they describe it: Only in it’s second year now, Justice Rocks is attracting a huge site full of party people — skate demos, a dunk tank, three marching bands, b-boy/girl break off, and a

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Building for animals, continued

I just watched this report from a year ago about building over- and underpasses for wildlife so that they can get from one side of the highway to the other. When we build highways or towns it very often divides an animal’s natural habitat. These people are trying to come up with solutions that protect

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Dairy, a lot of words, and the absence of meaning

The recent Time article about industrial agriculture has some large-scale “farmers” up in arms about some of the claims. I came across this response today, and was surprised at how little information it really contains. There really aren’t any actual facts in it at all, except that the author considers himself a farmer and that

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Pigeons are survivors

One of my favorite people, David Eby – who is a tireless advocate for the homeless, the poor, and people on the fringes of society – posted this entry on his blog yesterday about the remodeling of Pigeon Park in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside (DTES). In case you don’t know about it, the DTES is one

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 6

Argument: “All this Veganism stuff can only be adhered to by very wealthy people in a society that is very advanced.” Response: Fortunately, this is nowhere near true.  Unless you are buying a lot of pre-processed fake meats and cheeses–which are pricey, but shouldn’t be a large part of a healthy diet anyway–veganism is actually