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Backyard chickens guidelines available for comment

The Vancouver city staff has released the draft recommendations for the keeping of backyard hens. The Vancouver Food Policy Council has been working with the staff (and appears to fully endorse the keeping of hens as a food source – but only for eggs). The draft guidelines do not allow for backyard slaughter. I do

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Our appetites are killing the planet: Blog Action Day 2009 (Climate change)

It used to be that I would get up in the morning, eat a couple of eggs and have toast with butter, then have a ham sandwich for lunch with cheese and mayo, and then have a hamburger for dinner. All the while wearing some leather shoes and drinking glasses of milk. I think they

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Race to save BC’s bears!

“Race to Save the Bears” is a contest being launched by Humane Society International Canada to help raise awareness about the bear trophy hunt in British Columbia’s Great Bear Rainforest. Canadians are eligible to join the virtual “race” and compete for a chance to win great prizes.  The grand prize winner, who raises the most

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Vegan MoFo#8: The unturkey evaluation

The unturkey was cooked and eaten.  Here are some photos and the verdict. The roast looked as AMAZING as I remembered (back when you were able to buy unturkey in a box).  However, I would steer you away from making the “wheat meat” or seitan with vital wheat gluten.  It takes a lot more effort

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Vegan MoFo #7: Unturkey

It’s Thanksgiving today, a day of mourning for the millions of turkeys mutilated and murdered all over Canada to uphold a tradition.  Turkeys are one of the friendliest creatures I’ve encountered.  See my article about turkeys here. My post today will be about making a cruelty free roast.  In the old days, there were TWO

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Vegan MoFo#6: Bubble Tea

Yes, I’m Taiwanese and yes, I adore bubble tea.  what can I say? Bubble tea comes in all flavours and forms.  You can get the fresh fruit slush, fruit juice (not slushy) or black/green ice tea varieties.    Of course, I must warn you about the inferior bubble tea made from nasty powder.  Always ask before

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Vegan Mofo#5: Veg Dim Sum & 3G

When I was a teenager and a vegetarian, going to dim sum with my parents was always a drag.  There was never anything to eat because everything was filled with some kind of carcass.  But fast forward to 2009, veggie dim sum is readily available in several locations in Vancouver.  You can get great veg

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Vegan Mofo #4: Veggie Lunch at Simon Fraser University

The best days to hand out Vegan Outreach booklets at SFU is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  Why?  Because of the veggie lunch of course! Every Tuesday and Wednesday, there’s a Hare Krishna who serves up hot vegetarian food for $5 donation in the basement of the Maggie Benson building in the Forum Chamber.  It’s not

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Vegan MoFo#3: My top 10 of 2009

In honour of the renaissance of David Letterman’s scandalous Late Show, I’m doing a top ten list of favorite dishes I ate in 2009. #10 Vegan seitan Philly sub from Wayward Cafe in Seattle #9 Vegan spaghetti & meatballs from the Bye and Bye in Portland, Or #8 Vegan banana tapioca from Dharma Kitchen in

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Vegan MoFo #2: How do you write a blog about food?

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Since I signed up to blog about food, I thought I’d get some inspiration by looking inside my fridge… Ok, scratch that idea. How many more of these posts do I have to do?  BTW, I don’t eat baby food, that was for one of the buns when she was not feeling well. I’ll have