Some light reading…

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Some light reading…

I’ve decided I’m going to jump in on the tradition of doing a weekly “roundup” of interesting links. I’ll try to do mine on Friday evening (sorry, this time it’s Saturday), to give everyone a bunch of reading material for the weekend. If you’d like it on a different day, let me know.

Vancouver Courier: Groups call for a boycott of Petcetera

Vancouver Courier: Meatless on Monday

Better LCDs Trump an Animal’s Right to Live and Be Left Alone?

Food miles: meaningful enviro-activism or wacky nonsense? Wacky nonsense.

The Vegan Theory of Relativity

Ag Industry Calls for Prosecutions of Undercover Animal Activists

The methane makers

The Tiniest Rescues and the Building of Compassion

HSUS Investigation Uncovers Veal Calf Abuse, Closes Plant

Cooperatives Working Together to Kill Cows

There have been a whole bunch of articles by and about Jonathan Safran Foer, mostly around the publication of his new book, Eating Animals.

Eating animals is making us sick

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Controversial New Book, Eating Animals

Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals Turned Me Vegan

Eating Animals: Jonathan Safran Foer’s New Book Asks Why Don’t We Eat Pets?

Eating Animals: Why Eating Matters

The Moral Ferocity of Eating Animals

Keep an eye on the Huffington Post. They’re going to be doing a series of responses to JSF’s book. They all seem worth reading so far.

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