Vegan MoFo#8: The unturkey evaluation

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Vegan MoFo#8: The unturkey evaluation


The unturkey was cooked and eaten.  Here are some photos and the verdict.

carving of the great unturkey

carving of the great unturkey

The roast looked as AMAZING as I remembered (back when you were able to buy unturkey in a box).  However, I would steer you away from making the “wheat meat” or seitan with vital wheat gluten.  It takes a lot more effort to make seitan using whole wheat flour but the difference is huge.  Whole wheat flour seitan has a much softer texture while vital wheat gluten seitan usually turns out a little too tough.

See the layers? "skin", "meat" & stuffing.  Enough to fool a meat eater

See the layers? "Skin", "meat" & stuffing. Enough to fool a meat eater

The unturkey looked so much like a real turkey that my co-workers thought it was real turkey when I brought the leftovers to work.  Not that I particularly care about my food looking like meat, but it just goes to show that vegans aren’t really “missing out” on anything.  There’s no need to support cruelty just to be a part of a tradition.  We’re doing Thanksgiving like everyone else –minus the cruelty.

pouring on the gravy

Pouring on the gravy

check out the crispy yuba skin

Check out the crispy yuba skin

The gravy was made from the broth that the seitan simmered in.  I must admit, I modified the broth to make it more tasty.  I added an onion, soy sauce, shitake mushrooms and vegetable broth.

The stuffing was also modified.  I added cranberries, 3 kinds of mushrooms, all different kinds of herbs from my garden, a dash of Moroccan spice and the broth I mentioned above.

In the end, the gravy, yuba skin and stuffing were to die for!  The seitan was a little too tough, but as I’ve already mentioned, that can easily be improved by using whole wheat flour instead of vital wheat gluten.

I’m pretty sure that the next unturkey I make will be perrrfect.  So who’s coming over for unturkey this Christmas?

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October 21, 2009 at 1:29 pm

Looks so yummy!!!!!!!!

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