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Across the internet: a selection from the past week

This past week is full of Thanksgiving-related posts and news, since Thursday was American Thanksgiving. Probably the most exciting Thanksgiving development was Martha Stewart’s Vegetarian Thanksgiving. With Martha Stewart and Ellen both championing the end of factory farming and a move towards vegetarianism and veganism, there might just be hope for the future. Vegan Soapbox:

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Lies of the Egg Industry

It’s no secret that, having researched “free range” and “organic” farming, I am less than impressed and feel that most consumers have been thoroughly deceived as to what such terms mean. Most people aren’t aware that “cage-free” chickens usually can’t go outside, that “free range” has no legal meaning, and again, doesn’t require that chickens

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The week in review

Eating Animals Many pieces appeared this past week about Eating Animals, the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer. There are some reviews and a few interviews. There was even a live Q and A with readers that appeared on the Washington Post website. The Huffington Post: My Q and A With Jonathan Safran Foer The

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Stanley Park petting zoo likely to close

In the Vancouver Sun today, there is an article about the Vancouver Park Board’s efforts to cut costs. Stanley Park houses the “children’s farmyard” which is a pretty standard example of a petting zoo, with small animals chased around and mishandled by loud children. Not exactly the happiest place for the animals. One of the

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New report on the long-term effects of food poisoning

The Center for Foodborne Illness Research and Prevention just released a report entitled “Health Outcomes of Selected Foodborne Pathogens (PDF).” It details the known health effects of the five most common foodborne pathogens. Foodborne disease is a serious public health issue that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), causes tens of

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What’s all the hype about calcium in dairy?

I was messing around with Wolphram|Alpha today doing some nutritional comparisons of different foods. Here’s the result of the query “calcium 1 cup milk vs 1 cup tofu“: This is pretty astonishing. I never see anything in the milk¬† ads or on dairy websites that would indicate that tofu has more calcium than milk. They

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Listen to Animal Voices on Co-op Radio

You may not know this, but Vancouver has an animal rights radio show. Airing every Friday at noon on Co-op Radio, Animal Voices presents news, interviews, and editorials about human use of animals. The show’s been on for about 8 years (I think) and Liberation BC has recently become involved with it. Joanne has taken

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Reading from the past week

Here, in no particular order (except possibly accidentally chronological) is a highlight of some of the articles I’ve read around the internet this past week. There’s a lot about Eating Animals, which I imagine will be in the news (especially animal rights news) for some time yet to come (right now it’s #49 on,

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Family farms are factory farms

Today Erik Marcus wrote a post about a pig farm company in North Carolina that has declared bankruptcy. The”farm,” Coharie Hog Farms, is the 22nd largest pork producer in the United States, with 33,000 sows. The original news story states that “the company remains held in family hands.” Some people like to say “family farms,

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Canada signs on to the Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

This past Friday the Canadian Parliament voted to support the Universal Declaration of Animal Welfare (UDAW). From The Province: In a rare move, federal MPs have voted unanimously for a private member’s motion in support of a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare — essentially agreeing that animal welfare is important. The motion calls on Canada