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Reading: a bunch of links from the past week

Here is a batch of links from the past week or so, for your reading pleasure. Sorry to get to it so late. The biggest story was probably the HSUS veal slaughterhouse investigation, but I’ve only included one link to a story about it below. I’ll try to do a recap post about that story

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Filthy Feed & downer cattle

I read yesterday on about a new site called “Filthy Feed” that “exposes and seeks to end the practice of feeding broiler litter (read: chicken shit) to cattle.” This is pretty gross, and I can’t believe that this practice still goes on. I wonder how much of that meat makes it up here to

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Sheep evolved to live in places that are mountainous and very often cold, hence their coat of wool. They were domesticated thousands of years ago, and now domestic sheep are quite distinct from their wild cousins. Domestic sheep are bred to produce much more wool than they would produce in their natural habitat, often in