Reading from the past week

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Reading from the past week

Here, in no particular order (except possibly accidentally chronological) is a highlight of some of the articles I’ve read around the internet this past week. There’s a lot about Eating Animals, which I imagine will be in the news (especially animal rights news) for some time yet to come (right now it’s #49 on, #51 on, and #14 on the NYT hardcover nonfiction bestseller list).

Enjoy! Animal Rights Blog: Jonathan Safran Foer and Eating and Killing Animals

Vegan Soapbox: Where Jonathan Safran Foer Gets It Wrong Wall to Wall Eating Animals Coverage

The Discerning Brute: Ginnifer Goodwin stars in PSAs for Farm Sanctuary, produced by Joshua Katcher

V for Vegan: Intersectionality ‘Round the Interwebs, No. 11: Battered, Bruised & Consumed Animal Rights Blog: The Underestimated Compassion and Understanding of Children

Huffington Post: Children’s Health And The Meat Industry

LA Times: Healthy Vegetarian Kids

Digging through the Dirt: Pigs to Get Swine-Flu Vaccine

Peta University of Utah Lab Investigation (troubling treatment of research animals, including animals purchased from local shelters.)

Animal Person: On Not Eating Animals

Animal Blawg: The Pig, The CAFO, & The Flu (Links to some great stories about pigs, plus the cutest pig picture you’ve ever seen.)

Peter Fricker: Pharmaceutical cruelty in your ham sandwich

Animal Person: On Peaceable Kingdom, Part Deux

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