The week in review

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The week in review

Eating Animals

Many pieces appeared this past week about Eating Animals, the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer. There are some reviews and a few interviews. There was even a live Q and A with readers that appeared on the Washington Post website.

The Huffington Post: My Q and A With Jonathan Safran Foer

The Vegan Dietician: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer: Some of My Favorite Reviews

On the Eating Animals forums, someone posted that he was inspired by Eating Animals to go vegan, and he chronicling his journey on his new blog: I Quit Eating Meat. Check it out and offer some support!

Striking at the Roots: The Power of Storytelling

Vegan Etsy: Eating Animals: All or Nothing or Something Else – the second chapter of the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer

The Gothamist: Jonathan Safran Foer, Author

VegDaily: Jonathan Safran Foer NYC Book Signing Packs the House…And A Punch

Washington Post: Jonathan Safran Foer on ‘Eating Animals’

Washington Post: Jonathan Safran Foer’s animal farm Jonathan Safran Foer on Martha Stewart

Geoff Nicholson in The SF Chronicle: ‘Eating Animals,’ by Jonathan Safran Foer

Pig farm investigation

There was a whole bunch of coverage around Mercy For Animals’ pig farm investigation.

Digging through the Dirt: Pig Video Too ‘Disturbing’ for Fox News

Discerning Brute: Bacon Bumption & The Pork Industry Shocker Animal Rights Blog: Undercover at the Pig Farm: This Is Where “Bacon” Comes From Pork Industry’s Pathetic Response to MFA Investigation

And in other news… Animal Rights Blog: Willful Slow Food Ignorance and the Pain Animals Feel

New York Times: Going Vegetarian for Thanksgiving

Glenn Gaetz in the Georgia Straight blogs: A little bit of veal is in every glass of milk

Digging through the Dirt: Game Gives Kids Distorted Glimpse of Dairy

Forbes: Drop That Burger Animal Rights Blog: Compassionate Giving Does Not Involve Cruelty to Goats

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