Across the internet this past week (late!)

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Across the internet this past week (late!)

Sorry I’m late in posting this. I had a busy weekend. So I’m rolling last week and the past couple of days all together for this collection of links to some interesting articles and thought-provoking pieces from across the internet. Don’t miss Lesley’s article about gifting of animals, and also don’t miss Virginia Messina’s articles on the same subject. There’s also a post in here on the new Animal Welfare Blog, which has been quite good so far. The post is well worth reading and thinking about.


Digging Through the Dirt: Chicken Council Balks at Consumer Reports Study

Vegan Soapbox: Salmonella And Campylobacter Found In Most Chicken

Minneapolis/St. Paul News: Mist of pig brain tissue sickened slaughterhouse workers

USA Today: Why a recall of tainted beef didn’t include school lunches

Fox News: H1N1 Flu Strain Found in Canadian Turkey Flock

Reuters: U.S. finds pandemic H1N1 virus in turkey flock

JAVMA News: Pigs, people, and now, pets

Making Hay: Go Tell it on the Mountain: Think Globally, Act Locally

Peter Fricker: Animal shelters must combine compassion with responsibility

Animal Blawg: Are Seahorses Becoming Extinct? Europe Grants Animals Legal Status of Sentient Beings

Vegan Dietician: Promoting Veganism: Finding the Message that Works

Animal Person: On Scheduling Epiphanies . . . and Coral Snakes

Vegan Soapbox: Veganism Is More Than A Personal Choice Animal Rights Blog: The Mass Killing of Wildlife for Your Burger, Cheese, and Leather

Digging Through the Dirt: ‘Julie & Julia’ Writer Assaults More Dead Bodies

Vegans of Color: Gender policing has no place in AR/vegan movements Animal Welfare Blog: The Globalization of Animal Welfare

Vegan Etsy Blog: Eating Animals: Hiding / Seeking – the fourth chapter of the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer

Vegan Etsy Blog: Eating Animals: Influence / Speechlessness – the fifth chapter in the new book by Jonathan Safran Foer

Veg Climate Aliance: CopenVegan

Lesley Fox: If you care about world hunger, don’t give a cow

Seattle Vegan Examiner: Donations to Heifer International may do more harm than good

Seattle Vegan Examiner: Sustainable and ethical choices for reducing world poverty

Making Hay: Holiday Gifts with Compassion

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December 8, 2009 at 10:21 pm

Great set of links. That article on the Heifer Project from Lesley Fox was oh-so-necessary.

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