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Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti (guest post by Gabrielle Pope)

On the 13th of January of this year, many of us woke up to the devastating news that the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere had been rocked by 7.0 magnitude catastrophic earthquake, which has since claimed the lives of at least 150,000 people, injured innumerable people, destroyed national landmarks and ravaged homes, hospitals, communication,

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Goat for Gold, not a good idea

In the last few years–and especially recently–we’ve been hearing a lot about charities that will donate a live farm animal to impoverished people.   Some of these include Heifer International, Oxfam, and more recently, the local Goat for Gold: B.C. businessmen Joel and Danny Nagtegaal were drinking beer and decided last spring to buy one goat

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Animal Advocacy Camp: stepping forward

This Saturday, we held the first Animal Advocacy Camp in Vancouver. 80 people from across the spectrum of animal advocacy in Vancouver came together to learn and teach about being more effective advocates for animals. The event was organized as “Open Space,” a meeting format where the attendees set the agenda at the beginning of

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 8

Read parts 1-6 here. Can you imagine the world in twenty years if everyone were a vegan?  These poor people are so weak, they can hardly walk. Imagine a 90 lb. Marine trying to defend our country. He couldn’t even carry the gear he needs. Imagine a Iron worker, a connector, who tool pouch weighs

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Senseless violence on a dairy farm

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This Monday, someone stabbed 4 cows on a Comox Valley dairy farm. According to the Comox Valley Echo: A senseless stabbing attack on four dairy cows at a farm on Dove Creek Road has the Comox Valley RCMP appealing to the public for information. One of the four cows was so badly injured that she

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Frogs Are Too Cool for School

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Guest post by Lesley Fox, Creator of Frogs are Cool For some, it’s a right of passage, a curiosity or maybe a fascination. For others it’s an upsetting, cruel or even offensive reminder of our disregard for other species. Whatever the perception, dissecting animals is controversial. Fortunately, the BC Ministry of Education does not mandate that

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The words we use

I just read the latest post on the Chicken Farmers of Canada blog and noticed the language in this paragraph: Did you know that uncooked chicken pieces will keep in your freezer for up to six months? And a whole chicken can be frozen for up to a year? Stocking your freezer with chicken can

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Pigeons and Teamwork

Once again I must post about the frequently overlooked pigeon, described in this DailyMail article as “among the most intelligent of all the bird species.” After waiting for the fountain to be free, one bird jumped on the lever and pushed it down to fill up the bowl, while another kept watch and the third

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Spent Chickens in School Lunches

Remember how when you were in school, everyone made fun of how horrible the cafeteria food was?  At my school, at least, there was a rumour that our food was grade F, and that prisoners received grade D. Regardless of how true that is, there’s a reason that school food sucks. It’s this: “USA Today

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Faulty Arguments Against Veganism, pt. 7

Parts 1-4 here. Argument: I keep hearing people argue that some of the more omnivorous among us would flagrantly protest animal cruelty, but that we’re very fond of tearing off huge, tasty pieces of our living cows while they scream for mercy. And I am very much against animal cruelty. I love animals. But guess