Pigeons and Teamwork

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Pigeons and Teamwork

Once again I must post about the frequently overlooked pigeon, described in this DailyMail article as “among the most intelligent of all the bird species.”

After waiting for the fountain to be free, one bird jumped on the lever and pushed it down to fill up the bowl, while another kept watch and the third splashed in.

When it had drunk its fill and cleaned its feathers, the third pigeon hopped up to the handle and let his friends have a go.

Pigeons have been proven again and again to be quite smart–something that shouldn’t surprise us considering their remarkable ability to adapt to cities after thousands of years living on the remote cliffs of Europe and Asia.  I’ll admit that in all that I’ve read about pigeon intelligence, though, I’ve never seen anything quite like this!

Are you a bird-lover like me?  Learn more about these gentle doves here.

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January 26, 2010 at 12:27 pm

Love it!! Pigeons rock!!

: ]

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