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Happiness is a…wait, what?

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Today I found out that apparently, the meat industry has a new slogan that they’re preparing to unveil: Happiness is a Dead Animal I swear I am not making this up.  In a time when people are more and more concerned about whether the animals they kill for food were treated in a humane fashion,

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Love, nudity and the Olympics

Today is Valentines Day – a perfect day to spread the message of love and compassion to the Olympics fans and media. Special thanks go out to our friends Genny and Michelle for organizing this great event! This is by far the funnest and most positive demo we’ve had so far during the Olympics.  Activists

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Olympic lesson: not all protests are the same

The Olympics is a great time to get exposure for issues happening in Canada in the international media.  The city is overflowing with media and people. Yesterday just happened to be the 21st annual National Anti Fur Day.  Protests were held all across Canada against the fur industry.  We were handing out leaflets and raising

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CBS report on antibiotic use

CBS News has run a 2-part story on the use of antibiotics in livestock. If you are interested at all in the health implications of animal farming, you will likely find these videos informative. I have written in the past about some of the health risks of antibiotic resistant diseases that develop as a result

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Film screening: changing hearts and minds

The Eyes Wide Open Film Screening Series kicked off last Saturday with Earthlings. In the next couple of months, Liberation BC will be screening two other films:  Fowl Play, a documentary about the egg industry; and Meat the Truth, a documentary about the environmental impact of meat consumption. If the series proves to be successful

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The Voice of Agriculture?

I’m not even quite sure where to start with this one. Apparently HSUS (Humane Society of the United States) has worked with a company called Sonic, which runs a chain of drive-in restaurants across the United States, to switch to cage-free eggs and pig meat from farms that don’t use gestation crates. Here’s what the

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MRSA scares the bejeezus out of me

MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant staph infection (a flesh-eating disease) that has been linked to both hospitals and farms. What do farms and hospitals have in common? They collect a great number of sick or at-risk individuals together in one place, combined with lots and lots of antibiotics. Giving lots of antibiotics leads to the mutation

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The meat industry doesn’t care about you or the animals

The more I learn about the industries that exploit animals to be used for food, the more I realize that there is simply no concern for the animals or even for the humans who consume the meat of those animals. Erik Marcus linked me to an article Martha Rosenberg has just written about the drug

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Animal Rights and Art

Local Vancouver artist, Katana Barnett, has interviewed me about my art at her fascinating blog, Katanaville.  The topic?  Animal rights and art.   Be sure to check it out!