The battle will rage

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The battle will rage

Image by flickr user bionicteaching

We are fighting a war. One that will only get fiercer and uglier before anyone wins.

According to a Vancouver Sun article, a recent survey by the Canadian Restaurant and Foodservices Association showed that vegan foods are one of the top 10 food trends. But, at the same time, small, traditional butchers are also one of the top 10 food trends.

As veganism and a real respect for all life grows, we will see a fierce reaction from the proponents of the status quo.

We are often seeing “humane” meat and “traditional” butchery passed off as a solution to the suffering of animals. Actually, though, it’s just another way of covering up the unethical murder of animals for our own personal pleasure.

I know that the metaphor of battle or war is not often appreciated by proponents of nonviolence, but taken in the spirit of Chogyam Trungpa, we are indeed warriors. Warriors for what is right, defenders of those who cannot speak or fight for themselves.

Let’s push the vegan trend even further, but be prepared for an even fiercer backlash. Be prepared for anger, hostility, and cruelty. Be prepared, and fight.

Peace is our weapon, compassion is our sword.


Animal Warrior

March 10, 2010 at 10:02 am

I think you have the right idea. Time to pick up that monkey wrench and don that ski mask. I like to think of this as non-violent violence.


March 10, 2010 at 11:13 am

We all have our own definitions of “violence” but we only endorse actions that are peaceful and done in the open, taking full responsibility. My feeling is that if you are not willing to stand up and own your own actions, don’t do it. Creating an impression of animal rights activists as frightened criminals doesn’t help animals in the long run. Bravery and courage will help animals.


March 12, 2010 at 11:58 pm

I am a little suspicious of someone coming on here and claiming to be recruiting for alf. Although I have heard stories of one or two emotionally unhinged or deranged alf member(human nature being what it is) I would wager most are not like that. Its the hunters, meat industry and vivisectors who have gone far beyond sabotage, gluing locks etc… i.e. killing human beings in defense of their economic selfish interests.

And unfortunately the government and police have no moral qualms about using alf/elf like tactics (or promoting them) then blaming it on ar activists. Agent provocateurs are well documented, even at the Winter Olympics. And let’s face it-the exploiters get the grand prize for lack of integrity, cowardice(and lack of intellect). Its no surprise geniuses like Pythagoros and Da Vinci were AR friendly.

The more the government cracks down on peaceful means of protest, the more ALF-ELF cells are likely to appear on their own.
But whether they are there or not, there’s lots of room for other tactics. The other side may not be compassionate–but even worse than that-they arent too bright either. 🙂 The real battlefield is the human mind–and truth be told, all the heavy fire power is on the more ethical side. AR people just need to have better aim. There’s no hidden ALF code in there in case anyone is wondering. I am just trying to employ some literary flair.

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