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Happy Earth Day!

Okay, so today is Earth Day, and we’ve just gotten back from our big vegan cupcake giveaway.  It was quite a hit! We were out at the art gallery last year for the same event, and I noticed a pretty definite change in the type of response we got.  EVERYONE liked the cupcakes–that certainly hasn’t

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Just to Whet Your Appetite…

…tomorrow we’re holding our exciting Earth Day vegan cupcake giveaway to highlight the relationship between animal agriculture and climate change. That’s right, we’re going to be giving away free cupcakes! In preparation for the big event, volunteers from Liberation BC and Supreme Master TV gathered in an industrial kitchen off Commercial Drive for a few

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Egg Industry in Trouble

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Good news. A lawsuit alleging the U.S. egg industry conspired to increase consumer prices got a boost recently when a defendant turned over documents and internal memos that show an industry group called for egg producers to slow production. The lawsuit alleges that as egg prices climbed between 2004 and 2008, industry officials who blamed

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We have a powerful voice

We just got home from the first of a series of animal rights dialogues that we are organizing. The series is called “A Powerful Voice” and the topic of the conversation was “How can we best work together to achieve animal rights?” There were so many great ideas and a lot of energy around many

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The mothers of the dairy industry

Dairy cows give birth every year to a calf – their baby who is then taken from them. Most of the female calves are raised to enter the cycle of birth and milking. The rest, which includes all of the male calves, are sold for slaughter. Some of them don’t even make it that far