The mothers of the dairy industry

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The mothers of the dairy industry

Get your cow ribbon now

Dairy cows give birth every year to a calf – their baby who is then taken from them.

Most of the female calves are raised to enter the cycle of birth and milking. The rest, which includes all of the male calves, are sold for slaughter. Some of them don’t even make it that far and just end up on a dead pile.

Can you imagine having each one of your children taken from you, year after year?

This year, we are launching the Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon campaign. We are making cow ribbons to be worn  as a symbol of concern for these suffering and abused mothers.

Please take a stand and speak out for them. Every mother deserves to know and love her children, don’t you think?  Get your own cow ribbon, send ecards, download flyers, and more on the campaign website,

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