We have a powerful voice

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We have a powerful voice

We just got home from the first of a series of animal rights dialogues that we are organizing. The series is called “A Powerful Voice” and the topic of the conversation was “How can we best work together to achieve animal rights?”

There were so many great ideas and a lot of energy around many aspects of activism. At the end of the event we narrowed down the themes to 4 that will be the focus of each of the next events.

I still have to go through all the notes from the day and send them out to the attendees, but the next topics look really exciting! I hope that people leave these events with a renewed sense of being part of a community.

And I hope that this all leads to some exciting new tangible projects – since the whole point is really to work more effectively together, and get more done.



April 16, 2010 at 2:22 pm

I decided not to attend because I don’t think in person “one of” events every few months are enough to generate real movement in activism. They don’t build community to get things done-just serve as semi-annual events that suggest something is happening, but there isnt much record of them(i.e. the info isnt shared with the online community in any specific way that can be built upon) and they are Vancouver-centric.
The internet is well used in much bigger population regions-like California, New York, England…if its good enough for them its good enough for us I would think.
I can tell when visiting public forums that BC people are under represented-they don’t like communicating or discussing issues online. According to statistics,
BC people don’t like to communicate much online except for dating sites. And those arent intended for building community, but personal relationships.
When activists want to discuss issues outside of cafes, I will really believe we are finally building community.


April 17, 2010 at 12:06 am

The workshop was wonderful. A few participants I spoke to mentioned that this was a great opportunity to make connections and make projects happen. Networking is very important for every movement and I think it’s great to have a platform like this where people came together to discuss activism. It works a lot better than a social gathering with no goal in mind.

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