Just one week to Mother’s Day! Do you have your Cow Ribbon?

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Just one week to Mother’s Day! Do you have your Cow Ribbon?

3 weeks ago the Mother’s Day Cow Ribbon campaign was launched. Since then we’ve mailed out ribbons to people all over Canada and the United States and as far away as the UK, Singapore, and Australia. People everywhere want to speak out for dairy cows this Mother’s Day.

And for good reason.

Dairy cows lose babies every year, one after the other, until the premature and horrible end of their life. Those babies never get to know their mothers. And their mothers never get to know their babies.

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Wear your cow ribbon on Mother’s Day (May 9) and show your support for the mothers of the dairy industry.  The goal is to have hundreds of people wearing ribbons on Mother’s Day and thousands of people getting ecards, reading messages on facebook, and more.

This mother’s day, wear your cow ribbon as a symbol of your concern for these suffering and abused mothers. Please take a stand and speak out for them. Every mother deserves to know and love her children, don’t you think?

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bjorkedoff: “Today Is Brought to You By the Letter ‘C’-Cow Ribbons,
Canadians, Cookies, Coffee, Coffee Cake!, Chocolates, Carrot Cake Ice Cream,
Candle 79, Cinnamon,ETC”

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