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Vote for vegan TV on Oprah!

Colleen Patrick-Goudreaux, founder of Compassionate Cooks, is asking you to vote so she can have her own vegan TV show on Oprah’s new network.  Can you imagine what it would be like to have a vegan show on one of the most watched mainstream channels in America?  Why, we might have a vegan world in

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Let Live 2010: creativity, passion, and so much love

I’m back at home now after Let Live, an inspiring weekend of talks, conversation, and some really good food. Let Live is an amazing animal rights conference. I love it because it focuses on the grassroots – people who are dedicating their spare time to making change for animals. There are a lot of really

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A report from Let Live Portland

I’m in Portland at the Let Live Conference, an annual animal rights conference put on by the Let Live Foundation in conjunction with the Student Animal Liberation Coalition at Portland State University. The theme this year is “creativity.” For those of you not here, some of the sessions are being streamed live. We haven’t yet

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Another Death at the Vancouver Aquarium

If you live in Vancouver, you’re probably aware that Nala, the baby beluga born last year at the Aquarium, has died.  Every time this sort of thing happens, it reopens the debate about keeping such intelligent, complicated animals in captivity–as it surely should.  Cetaceans don’t do well in captivity.  They never have.  According to Lifeforce,

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Way to go, Wipeout!

Okay, so last night I was feeling particularly weighed down by responsibility and I ended up watching Wipeout.  If you don’t know what it is… Wipeout is an American game show series in which contestants compete in what is billed as the “world’s largest obstacle course”. Thanks, Wikipedia!  Anyway, Wipeout is always an entertaining waste

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The myth of rural ethics

I just posted a comment in response to a blog post on the Iowa Farm Bureau blog. I doubt that the comment will get approved, so I thought I’d post it here as well. Here’s the paragraph that caught my eye: Not only are too many suburban-dwelling kids like my daughter removed from the character-building

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Help Animals Affected by Oil Spill pt. 2

Just a quick link: Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary has published a great blog post about the impact our eating decisions have upon the environment, including our overconsumption of oil. I wrote about the oil spill about a month ago, when it had just happened.  Of course, the oil is still flowing today.  Sigh.

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EPIC Vancouver recap

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This post is a bit late, but I just wanted to give a quick recap of our weekend at the EPIC Sustainable Living Expo last weekend. First off, it was great. Out of the many people who passed by our booth, we only had one negative encounter. We were all amazed at how many new

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UVic lies about bunny cull

The University of Victoria has unleashed a mass cull of the campus rabbits.  They say the rabbits are digging up holes and causing athletes to trip and injure themselves. Last week, I went to UVic and found…well, lots of rabbits but no holes on the ground.  I walked all over the campus in various parts

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Hippy-dippy, soft-brained butchery

Apparently we can get around feeling any remorse for killing and eating a baby animal by appealing to “honour” and “respect.” I just read through a post on the Foodists blog about the happy times of dismembering a baby sheep. Here’s an exemplary paragraph of wishy-washiness: We all felt honoured to be a part of