Another Death at the Vancouver Aquarium

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Another Death at the Vancouver Aquarium

If you live in Vancouver, you’re probably aware that Nala, the baby beluga born last year at the Aquarium, has died.  Every time this sort of thing happens, it reopens the debate about keeping such intelligent, complicated animals in captivity–as it surely should.  Cetaceans don’t do well in captivity.  They never have.  According to Lifeforce, this is the 36th such death at the Aquarium since it opened in 1964.  That’s a pretty condemning track record.

Nala died because two rocks and a penny got stuck in her airway.  She was less than a  year old.  Our own Glenn Gaetz wrote an article about this latest tragedy at the  Be sure to check it out and leave a comment!

From the Province:

The aquarium’s marine mammal curator, Brian Sheehan, said there are signs warning against throwing objects into aquarium pools. But none were obvious around the beluga pool when The Province did a quick search on Tuesday.


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