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Vegan bake sale for UVic rabbits

Liberation BC organized a vegan bake sale after UVic announced that it will give activists until the end of July to rescue all the campus rabbits before starting a mass cull. The bake sale took place at 3G Vegetarian Restaurant last night.  We received three $1000 matching donations from individual donors and a donation of

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“Open Space” at Our Hen House

Liberation BC’s Glenn recently had a guest post published at one of our favourite blogs, Our Hen House.  The topic?  Open Space workshops, and how we can use them to help animals. Everyone is invited to write down a topic or question that they would like to address, and post their topic up on the

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Planning fun and entertaining outreach events – wrap-up

Over 30 people came out to Radha last Sunday to talk about fun and entertaining outreach events. There were so many great ideas and projects. I’m really looking forward to seeing them materialize in the future. I hope to post some information about some of these projects and how people can get involved when I

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Liberation BC is on The Change – come join us!

Liberation BC has joined TheChange, which is a really cool site bringing together organizations committed to sustainability. Our page is here: By my count, it looks like Liberation BC is the first animal group to join TheChange, but I don’t think we’ll be the last. (On what sustainability has to do with animal rights,

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URGENT: Land needed to relocate UVic rabbits

The University of Victoria has given activists until the end of the month to remove 1,600 feral rabbits from campus before the mass slaughter begins. Urgently needed:  Land donation/lease or money donation. If you or anyone you know has land to lease or donate, please let us know right away! Since all existing rescues and

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Kitsilano Farmers Market

Yesterday we had a table at the Kitsilano farmers market. We do one date each year at each of the markets around town (Main, Kitsilano, Trout Lake, and the West End). While the day was not the best – it was a bit grey and cold – we still had a very nice time. Our

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Join us for a discussion about using fun and entertainment for outreach

This coming Sunday, July 11, we are hosting a community dialogue on the topic of using fun and entertainment for outreach. Some of you may have made it to Animal Advocacy Camp or our first dialogue at Radha. Some of you may have been at Let Live. This event will hopefully continue some of those