Liberation BC is on The Change – come join us!

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Liberation BC is on The Change – come join us!

Liberation BC has joined TheChange, which is a really cool site bringing together organizations committed to sustainability. Our page is here: By my count, it looks like Liberation BC is the first animal group to join TheChange, but I don’t think we’ll be the last. (On what sustainability has to do with animal rights, start here.) Anyway, take a look here for a list of organizations who’ve already joined–there’s a very diverse mix.

OK, so that’s the site; why do I think it’s cool? The idea is, as I said, bringing together people committed to sustainability. There are a few ways they’re implementing this: when you register with the site, you can pick organizations you want to “follow”, and then you get their updates. What kind of updates do you get? Well, organizations can post events and jobs, and they can integrate their blog posts and tweets with TheChange. But the heart of TheChange–at least to me–is the idea of commitments. Organizations make explicit commitments on the site, in three categories: environment, community, and employees. This puts pressure on participants to actually do things to make a change, not just mouth the word “sustainable”.

And comments are enabled on basically everything. This gives users a chance to give organizations feedback on what they’re doing–to push for the change we want to see.

It looks like TheChange is still in its early stages, but head over, join up, and follow us. This promises to be cool.

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