“Open Space” at Our Hen House

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“Open Space” at Our Hen House

Liberation BC’s Glenn recently had a guest post published at one of our favourite blogs, Our Hen House.  The topic?  Open Space workshops, and how we can use them to help animals.

Everyone is invited to write down a topic or question that they would like to address, and post their topic up on the agenda wall. Very quickly, the agenda wall fills up with topics. Fight the urge to control them – just let the self-organizing happen.

Each person who posted up a topic is responsible for leading that discussion, and it is up to them how they will lead it. The space is open and it is theirs. As the host, I’m just there to set it up and then get the hell out of the way. (more)

I was at my first Open Space workshop a couple of weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it.  Some people, I think, are a little concerned that a format like this lacks organization by necessity–that it will become chaotic.  The truth is that with the right guidance (for example, Glenn’s!), Open Space can be a fantastically positive event that brings people together and allows for wonderful, creative ideas.

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