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Vancouver Walk for Farm Animals

Yesterday, on a beautiful sunny day, more than 70 compassionate people joined in the Walk for Farm Animals. The Walk is a fundraiser to benefit Farm Sanctuary, a wonderful organization based in the United States that rescues and cares for farmed animals – as well as doing a great deal of advocacy work. Here is

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Help revise our Talking Turkey leaflet

I was engaged in a bit of an exchange with Gary Francione over the past couple of days, and he made a good point about our turkey leaflet – that it was exclusively focused on the treatment of turkeys. Personally, I think it should still deal with treatment in some fashion, but it would improve

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Thanksgiving turkey leafleting dates announced

Here are the dates for our annual turkey leafleting. We will be handing out copies of our “Talking Turkey” leaflet to commuters during rush hour on these dates: Sep 27 – 4:30-5:30pm – Burrard station Sep 28 – 4:30-5:30pm – Cambie & Broadway Sep 29 – 4:30-5:30pm – Granville & Broadway Sep 30 – 4:30-5:30pm

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Don’t feed the birds!

A lot of people love to feed birds, and I can’t blame them.  It’s fun, right?  I used to do it plenty myself. Note that I said “used to”.  I am a huge bird-lover, but the more I learn about birds, the more I realize how important it is that we leave them alone.  (The

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Speaking out for animals at Davie Day

Last weekend we spent the whole day on Saturday at Davie Day, the West End’s community festival. It’s really a great event, with just about the whole length of Davie Street closed for the entire day. We had our booth with lots of information about choosing a more compassionate and ethical lifestyle, and there were

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Vegan Outreach Blitz – a schedule!

Every year, Liberation BC goes to school campuses in September to distribute Vegan Outreach pamphlets to students. For more info on what this is all about, visit The schedule below only includes colleges/universities. However, if we have pamphlets left over at the end of each day, we will head over to a nearby high school

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Building community through online information sharing: what are your ideas?

Do you ever want there to be a website with a listing of all of the local animal rights groups, events, and volunteer opportunities? I’ve been to countless events and been in even more conversations with people where this subject comes up. Many people want to see some sort of centralized information hub where events,