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Allergen-Free Vegan Pizza!

Sometimes people ask what vegans eat. Sometimes they ask what vegans with allergies or food intolerances eat. This post is about that very topic. A couple of days ago we made a pair of absolutely amazing pizzas with Bob’s Red Mill Gluten-Free Pizza Crust Mix.  (This product is pretty readily available at any Capers Whole

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Leather and Wool

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Pretty much everyone knows how terrible fur is, but a lot of us remain in the dark as to the horrors of leather and wool.  We assume that leather is mostly a byproduct anyway, or that there can’t be much wrong with shearing sheep.   It turns out that the leather and wool industries, like the

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An intimate dinner with Gene Baur

Last Sunday, we organized a fundraiser dinner event with Gene Baur, the Co-Founder of Farm Sanctuary.  The evening was limited to 30 people and took place at Organic Lives, Vancouver’s newest, most amazing raw food restaurant. Gene was every bit as nice and inspirational as we expected.  He gave a wonderful speech and spent a

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Richmond City Council to discuss sale of dogs in pet stores

This is big news for people involved in animal rescue. Received from the Animal Welfare Advocacy Coalition: After three long years advocating for a ban on the sale of animals in Richmond’s pet stores, local rescue groups and animal welfare supporters will be attending and speaking at Richmond City Council’s General Purposes Committee (GPC) meeting

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Mission & Vision: Can you comment?

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We’ve been working on revising and developing the mission and vision statements for Liberation BC. Liberation BC exists as a part of the larger animal rights community – so we’d like to hear what you have to say about the new draft mission and vision. Here’s what we’ve got so far: Vision: A world in