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Surviving the Holidays

The holiday season is here. As the only vegan in my family (or extended family) I know I am not alone when I talk about the feeling of impending doom that creeps in this time of year at the thought of another family gathering around the dinner table. Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating a little—perhaps

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How to make a holiday Unturkey roast

Back in the 1990’s there were two store bought holiday roasts. Tofurky and Unturkey. Nowadays it seems that no one remembers the Unturkey even though it far surpasses the Tofurky in flavor, texture and presentation. Unturkey was invented by Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner from San Francisco, who also owned the company, Now & Zen. Besides Unturkey,

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“Organic and Free-Range” Fails Animals Once Again

From United Poultry Concerns, another article which reminds us that organic, free range, and “all natural” animal products aren’t nearly as good as we’d expect them to be: Virginia farm supplies eateries in D.C. despite animal-care violations (You can also read a complete account of the situation at United Poultry Concerns’ page.) After months of

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Button Design Contest

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Got some ideas for funny, clever or super cute buttons? Liberation BC is in need of new button designs and we want to hear from you! We need 2 new button designs: one about the cruel dairy industry and one about holiday turkeys. For the turkey design we prefer that the message is not limited

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Recap of community dialogue on using the internet to create a stronger movement

This past weekend we held the third in our “A Powerful Voice” dialogue series. This one was focused on the question: “How can we use the internet to create a stronger and more effective animal rights movement?” 20 activists came out to discuss this issue in Radha’s beautiful space. All of the conversations were great,

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Leafleting at Diwali Downtown

Last week was Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. There were several events around Vancouver, culminating in a big celebration at the Roundhouse Centre in Yaletown on Sunday. This sounded like a good opportunity for some outreach to the people of the South Asian community, many of whom already have a great respect for cows. So

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Eyes Wide Open Film Screening – Nov 20

In January, we screened Earthlings and attracted 150 attendees. A lot of the people went away with their hearts and minds opened up about the extent of cruelty inflicted on animals. A high school teacher became vegetarian and started talking about animal rights to his students every chance he has. A long time quiet vegetarian

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Building a strong animal rights movement, online

One part of Liberation BC’s mission is to provide support and build a strong community of effective animal advocates. To that end we’ll be hosting a dialogue/workshop on “How can animal rights activists use the internet to create a stronger movement?” This is the next in the “A Powerful Voice” Animal Rights Community Dialogue Series.