How to make a holiday Unturkey roast

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How to make a holiday Unturkey roast

Back in the 1990’s there were two store bought holiday roasts. Tofurky and Unturkey. Nowadays it seems that no one remembers the Unturkey even though it far surpasses the Tofurky in flavor, texture and presentation.

Unturkey was invented by Miyoko Nishimoto Schinner from San Francisco, who also owned the company, Now & Zen. Besides Unturkey, Now & Zen made another one of my favorite products called Hip Whip (yes, affordable and delicious vegan whip cream!). Unfortunately for all their fans, Now & Zen went out of business.

In desperation of eating another crispy, tender, juicy Unturkey, I searched high and low on the internet and found die hard fans like me who created an Unturkey website. The entire recipe is posted there.  However, the problem with the recipe on the Unturkey website is that the seitan (the “wheat meat”) from their recipe is rather tough (so probably a lot like real turkey).

My recipe in the video below is a modified version.  I replaced the seitan recipe with a very tender seitan recipe from VeganMania.  And I modified just about everything a tiny little bit to make the Unturkey as delicious and tender as possible.

Enjoy this video and a happy vegan holiday season!


Isla Kay

November 27, 2010 at 11:45 pm

Maybe I’ll try one this year. Gotta say though, I love Tofurkey!

The only problem is sharing the kitchen with a poor slow roasting real turkey. The smell disgusts me. For those who are new to being veg*n – give it a few years, you will seriously not crave turkey anymore.

Isla Kay

December 24, 2010 at 12:22 am

Just forwarded your vid to a curious meateater. Thanks!

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