Leafleting at Diwali Downtown

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Leafleting at Diwali Downtown

Jason leafletting at Diwali

Last week was Diwali, the Indian festival of lights. There were several events around Vancouver, culminating in a big celebration at the Roundhouse Centre in Yaletown on Sunday. This sounded like a good opportunity for some outreach to the people of the South Asian community, many of whom already have a great respect for cows. So Joanne and I took a bag of our dairy leaflets down to Davie & Pacific to hand out to the people coming in to the Roundhouse Centre. Later in the afternoon, Jason from the Humane South Asians would come by to help out, along with Lauchlan.

I can’t remember the last time I had such a good time leafletting. Aside from the beautiful weather (thank you, lack of rain), we had a very positive, and very receptive crowd. Just about all of the people I talked to seemed both surprised and upset by the systemic cruelty to animals involved in dairy. We finished the bag of leaflets well ahead of schedule–in fact, Joanne and I had to stop early for fear we’d run out before Jason and Lauchlan had a chance to get there!

Roger leafletting at Diwali

That was fine, of course: it gave us a chance to look around inside and see what the event was like. There was lots of food (long lines, though, so I didn’t find out what exactly was there (and vegan) except for some tasty samosas; maybe someone in comments can fill me in), lots of performers (see here for the full list), visual art, crafts, and generally what looked like a lot of fun.

We should definitely make sure we’re back for Diwali next year!

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