An open heart is all it takes

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An open heart is all it takes

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The most profound change in our society often happens at the grassroots level. It usually starts with one individual with bare minimal resources.  I don’t think this is an accident nor is it a miracle.  It’s just how change happens.

Ever say to yourself, if I have X (money, time, family support, computer skills, university degree etc) I can do so much to make the world a better place?   Perhaps it is not our lack of X which prevents us from making a difference but rather our fear of truly opening up our hearts to the suffering around us.

I recently learned about Narayanan Krishnan – a young chef from a poor village headed for a promising career. On the eve of accepting a lucrative job as a chef in Switzerland, Narayanan decided to abandon his dreams and career. The focus of his life made a sudden shift because he opened up his heart and saw the suffering around him.  He stopped pursuing a career and decided to stay in his village to cook for the poor and destitute. Instead of looking externally for tools to help him care, he looked internally and asked himself “what is the ultimate purpose of my life?”.

This new year, take a leap of faith. Ask yourself the fundamental question “what is the ultimate purpose of my life?”. Let go of your fears, allow your heart to lead you and see what happens.

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