New research page on fish

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New research page on fish

This tuna has been caught on a long line. Like other fish caught in this way, he may be trapped for hours or even days. (Photo: Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert, Greenpeace)

We’ve just published a new page on our website entirely about the suffering of fish and other animals we consider “seafood”.

Exactly how many wild caught fish do we consume (either directly, or as fishmeal) every year? …using the reported tonnage of caught species, and dividing by the average weight of each species, author Alison Mood has estimated the annual global capture of wild fish at one trillion (1,000,000,000,000) and possibly as high as 2.7 trillion (2,700,000,000,000). This does not even account for the number of fish caught illegally or as bycatch.

Learn about the environmental impact of fishing, the issues surrounding sustainable seafood, animal suffering, and much more at

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