Vegan UFC fighter Mac Danzig doesn’t worry about protein; hates salads

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Vegan UFC fighter Mac Danzig doesn’t worry about protein; hates salads

The second-most memorable image from UFC 124, after Josh Koscheck's swollen eye.

Mac Danzig knocks out Joe Stevenson, feels happy.

Mac Danzig has been on every list of famous vegan athletes since winning season 6 of The Ultimate Fighter. Makes sense: who better to combat the stereotype of vegans as the 98-pound weakling in Charles Atlas ads than, well, a combat athlete. Last weekend was a good one for Danzig, as he picked up a big win via first-round knockout at UFC 124 in Montreal.

But here’s the part I really wanted to post about. Last week, Danzig did an interview with MMAJunkie Radio, and one of the last questions he took was from a fan who wanted to ask how he gets his protein. Mac gave a lengthy, thoughtful reply (short version: he doesn’t think about protein much; the protein requirement numbers you see in MMA magazines are inflated, based on the needs of bodybuilders, who are a different kind of athlete), and dropped this delightful quote about eating salads:

There’s this whole idea, “Well, you’re vegetarian or vegan, you must just eat salads all day,” or something like that. No. I hate salads. I mean, man, [eating] salad is like a cold shower on a cold day to me. It’s like, yes, you’re eating. A shower’s like, yes, you’re getting clean, but it’s not satisfying. I’ve never been a salad person. I don’t eat salads, all right?

I couldn’t agree more.

Here’s the Dec. 8 edition of MMAJunkie Radio, featuring Mac Danzig; the interview starts at 19:30, and the question about protein comes at 39:50.



December 13, 2010 at 11:32 am

He’s dreamy! 😀


December 13, 2010 at 11:46 am

As a fellow vegan, I couldn’t agree more – salads are for rabbits. Although I must admit they are healthy so once in a blue moon will force myself to eat one. : )


December 16, 2010 at 7:31 am

It’s funny how everyone is so worried about protein when no one has ever heard of anyone suffering from protein deficiency. Yet, no one seems to care about the #1 killer of humans on earth – heart disease. I think every meat eater should be confronted by vegans with the question “aren’t you worried about heart disease?”


December 17, 2010 at 1:01 am

I had my experience of having way too much protein.

Overconsumption would cause blood acidity, hence it would cause the body to “buffer itself” or something like that, by grabbing calcium from the bones. Hence a cause of osteoporosis when the going gets long and bad. It’s no different from consuming too much fats, which causes blood sugar problems, triggering diabetes.

Either way, high fats and overloaded protein causes blood acidity either way, which causes difficulty in digestion, bone frailness, and MANY other things I’ve experienced when I overdid those two [fats and protein that everyone loves to overrate].

If people are doubtful about my protein statement, just go ask our local vegan naturopath, Dr. Bobby Parmar from Evolve Vitality.

– Live from La Quinta

March 9, 2012 at 9:08 pm

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