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Vote With Your Dollars

You don’t have to be out on a street corner holding protest signs to help the animals. Don’t underestimate the power that your purchases have on the welfare of animals. Each dollar that you spend is a vote telling suppliers what you want. Sometimes we are so inundated with commercials telling us what products to buy

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Boycott palm oil for the love of orangutans

Palm oil is a saturated vegetable fat found in many processed foods and household products. As vegans, we scrutinize labels to isolate animal ingredients but we give palm oil a pass – because it’s vegan. Or is it? The palm industry has taken over Borneo and Sumatra, clearing rainforests and important habitat for orangutans. Each

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Forks over Knives screening a resounding success

Last night Liberation BC presented a free screening of Forks over Knives to a packed room of 300 people. The screening was co-sponsored by the Vancouver Public Library. Robert Cheeke flew up from the US to introduce the film and answer questions after. For those who missed this screening, the film will be in theatres

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Awesome Gluten-Free Sugar Cookies

I found this delicious recipe for sugar cookies at, veganized it, and altered it a little so that it’s gluten-free.  (If you’d like to make a regular wheat-based version, just follow the same instructions with your own flour of choice.  Leave out the xanthan gum.) Here’s what you need to make these amazing cookies:

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UBC Research on Monkeys in the News

Stop UBC Animal Research (STOP), a local campaign to end research on animals at UBC, landed a story on the front page of The Province today. STOP uncovered a proposal by UBC researchers to conduct experiments on rhesus monkeys and is asking for the University to halt the experiment and release the monkeys to a

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Holiday Leafleting – Recap

I’m slooowly getting back to work after the holidays, and this is something I meant to post about sooner. (Resolution: procrastinate less. I’ll get on that soon, I swear.) We had a great December, handing out about 2000 of our turkey leaflets altogether. We handed out 1000 at the Santa Claus Parade downtown on December